What to know about the Project Documents for the PMP Exam!

Happy Thursday! It’s great seeing all the activity on our Facebook page! I haven’t seen any requests for special posts.

So, today I wanted to talk about Project Documents.  Awhile back I posted about the project management plan.

A lot of students have a difficult time understanding the difference. So, let me dive into that!

Project Documents = documents that are used to manage the information which is not part of Project Management Plan. These documents are prepared by the Project Manager for his own needs.

That definition is easy enough to understandJ.

There are 33 project documents that are outputs in the PMI process! The chart is on page 89 for your reference!

Remember how important it is to write everything down. What happens when you go grocery shopping without a list J.

As project managers we are always running around and there is so much information that our brain needs to retain.  How many times have we forgotten to complete a task!

But, if we are in the habit of documenting then it will be on our radar to complete!

Documentation helps us fulfill our objectives without skipping or forgetting anything.

For the test know that project documents help the PM and team manage their information and tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

They are outputs from 33 different processes!

They get updated when information changes!

They DON’T have to be reviewed by the project sponsor or key stakeholders!

I hope that helped! Please share comments or questions and let us know how we can make this journey easier!

Remember one step closer to the finishing line!

Good Luck! Till next time!

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