What to know about the Communications & the Stakeholder Engagement Plan!

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Many of my students ask me to explain the difference between the Communications Management Plan and the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

Today I am going to try to simplify the plans; hopefully you will have a better understanding and ensure you get the few questions correct.

Remember the post about Project Management Plan. What did I say?

A plan is just an instruction, how to guide, that answers the questions of who, what, where, when and how of that specific area.

Now let’s take a look at the Communications Management Plan – defines who will receive the communication along with the method of communications (interactive, push, pull) and frequency (when) to the various stakeholders.

The plan also mentions the time, budget for the resources, escalation path, flow charts, constraints, guidelines and templates.

Is everyone still with meJ?  That wasn’t too bad was it?

Okay so the Stakeholder Engagement Plan – how you intend to engage your stakeholders. Why you intend to engage the stakeholders.  The document states the stakeholders’ current engagement level and the PM’s desired engagement level for that stakeholder.

It explains how the plan should be updated.

Okay now let me simplified it a little more in about two words.

Communications Management Plan – How you will communicate!

Stakeholder Engagement Plan – Why that stakeholder needs the information!

Yeah I know that was more than two words :).  But, remember it’s the How and Why!

Did I do a good job summarizing the plans?  Did it give you a better understanding and how to think about them?

Remember just think logically and not memorize the processes.  This will help you significantly and will be a step closer to the finish line.

Good Luck! Remember we are just a message away!

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