What to know about Quality Management for the PMP Exam!

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While driving in to work today I was contemplating what to write.

As you can see in the title I decided on Quality Management.

Quality Management is a dry chapter for some but we all know how important quality is.

Not just for passing the PMP exam but our routine daily lives.

So, Quality Management = The process of creating and following policies and procedures to ensure that the product or service meets the defined needs it was intended to meet from the customer’s perspective is termed as Quality Management.

Let’s take a moment to digest that! What does that mean to us?  Let’s take an example now.  Recently I have decided to put up a Gazebo on my patio.  Lately, we have been experiencing high winds where the patio furniture is being moved due to them.

So, I would need to pick a Gazebo that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of the winds.  Most likely I would pick a Gazebo that is built from wood or steel, correct? Ensuring its sturdy so it doesn’t fall due to heavy winds.

By me getting a Gazebo that is sturdy enough to withstand the winds that is quality.  It is meeting my requirements defined in my scope of work.

Makes sense now!

In Quality Management you will read or hear the word Grade!

Let me take a minute to see what that means.

Grade is a number of features built into a product.

Let’s take a look at a car.  I have the Nissan Rogue.  We all know there are different classes for a car.

I have the Nissan Rogue SV which only has the option of a fabric interior but if we go to a Nissan Rogue SL we have the option of leather interior.

So, both cars have the same quality but different grade.  One has the lesser grade while the other has a higher grade just because you have an option to pick leather seats. The more functions the higher the grade!

I know like to look at two more terms in order for you to understand Quality Management.

Accuracy vs Precision

Accuracy = how the measured value is close to the target value

Precision = the values of repeated measurements are clustered and have less scatter. Measurements are only close to one another, and they may or may not be near the target value

I found this example from https://www.brainbok.com/blog/pmp/accuracy-vs-precision-quality-management/ and wanted to share it with you!

Your office starts at 8:00am. Arriving to work after 8:15am is considered late. You take a subway train to commute to work. Usually you board the same train every (working) day that departs at 7:30am. Barring any unusual circumstances, you report at work between 8:22am and 8:24am every day.

Which of the following is true regarding your reporting time to work?

  1. Accurate
  2. Precise
  3. Both accurate and precise
  4. Neither accurate nor precise


Your office starts at 8am and you reach between 8:22am and 8:24am every day. Your arrival time is always within the 2 min window. In other words, your arrival time has very little scatter, which means it’s very precise. However, the true or target value is 8:00am. Your arrival time is 22-24 mins away from the target. Therefore, you are “not” accurate in terms of arrival time, particularly when your company considers arriving after 8:15am as late.

Now let’s twist the situation a bit. What if you arrive at work between 7:32am and 7:34am every day. Does that make you any more accurate?

The answer is – No. Now you may argue that arriving at work early every day makes you accurate (and makes your boss happy) but in statistical terms, you are still “not” accurate because you are 26-28 mins away from the target value of 8:00am.

Now that was Quality Management in a nutshell! I hope this brought some clarity to a dry subject!

Another step closer to the finish line! In my next post I will write about the importance of Communications!

Take a moment to think about that.  Why is communications important! In any relationship or situation!

Can someone read our mind?

Have a great day and the rest of your week! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question!

We are here throughout your journey and can’t wait to cheer you when you are PMP certified!

Till next time!

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