Mission, Vision, Value

ADV Consultant’s Mission

Providing affordable, accessible and mutually adaptive training in project management practices that aim to enable organizations and individuals to deliver their projects and programs with the benefits defined in their business case.

ADV Consultant’s Vision

To be a first rate consulting firm that provides outstandingly definite and effective project management skills for improved project service delivery within schedule, budget and customer satisfaction; and

Delivering a robust technologically driven management service portmanteau for organizations and individuals.

ADV Consultant’s Values

Our core values unite us with our clients and keep us focused on behaviors that produce value for our customers.

Reliable Dependable and well-grounded in consistently meeting clients expectations and needs.  Reliability is the pillar on which we have become trusted as advisor to our clients.
Responsiveness and Accountability Responsiveness include acting with alacrity in accomplishing our clients’ obligations. Accountable to clients for work done and delivered.
Collaborative Cooperation, teamwork and open communication. Collaboration is about gearing efforts in an alliance and channeling them to ensuring our services meet clients’ needs and requirements.
Value Driven Orientation A culture of high quality work and continuous process of evaluation and improvement. It is about quality assurance, building trust, and gaining customer satisfaction.
Integrity Honesty, transparency and trustworthiness are our watchwords. We hold this to a very high esteem in our obligations and transactions.