“How do I Pass the PMP Exam?”

“How do I pass the PMP Exam?”

As PMP instructors, we provide our students with the best practices and instructional support to pass the exam the first time around. However, is that enough? Not all my students pass the exam the first time around, and it is not because they did not study. They simply needed to know HOW to study for the PMP Exam. As Rita Mulcahy, the guru of Project Management, states, “To pass the exam, you must be able to score well on questions that address what to do when the work is ongoing, assuming you have properly planned the project! You must, therefore, know what to do during Executing and Monitoring and Controlling.” ADV Consultants, we have created a winning strategy for passing the PMP exam.

Here is our 4-Step Guideline:

Pre-Class Preparation

  • Find a Training Center that is PMI-approved. (Intellectual Point is a PMI-approved training center)
  • Get to know your PMP Instructor and email that Instructor prior to class to get feedback about how to best prepare for the class.
  • Obtain class materials in advance (Most places would want the class to be fully paid up before the class material can be provided.)
  • Read the PMBOK 6th Edition – cover to cover!
  • Understand Project Management the PMI way!

During Class Preparation

  • Get to know your peers and exchange Email addresses. It is best to have a support system while going through the PMP certification process.
  • Bring at least Two pencils, one highlighter, and a notepad to class (We provide these supplies for our students)
  • Bring a big bottle of water to class – hydration is good for the brain cells!
  • After each chapter is taught, take the quiz and understand why you responded correctly to some questions and incorrectly to other questions.
  • At this POINT, don’t try to memorize too much. UNDERSTAND the Project Management Framework.

Post Class Preparation

  • Congratulate yourself for getting through 5 days of intense learning!
  • Create a 30-day Study Calendar for yourself: (We have created one for you here)
  • At the end of each study week, take a full 200-question exam (We have a 1,000-Question Bank that comes with the class).
  • If you have an 85% correct score by the 3rd and 4th practice exams, you are READY to take the PMP Exam!

 Exam Day

  • Take a deep breath!
  • Be confident that you have done everything to prepare for this day

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